High Efficiency ECO Frying Range

The Henry Nuttall Eco Frying Range incorporates the patented Eco Burner System. The highest efficiency burner on the market with efficiency levels of in excess of 96%

Here at Henry Nuttall we are at the forefront of High Efficiency Technology. We are constantly developing our Frying ranges to make sure our valued customers have the best possible Equipment and most energy saving solutions in their Fish and Chip shops.

What is it that improves the efficiency on your ranges?

The efficiency is down to the burner and our digital control. The burner is a blown air style in comparison to jet/tube burners of the traditional ranges. This ensures a controlled heat transfer lowering gas bills. This consistent heat also provides a much longer oil life, due to the heating of the oil being consistent throughout the pan along with a less aggressive fashion. However, this is not less powerful as some people have concerns, this is actually much more powerful due to the high efficiency.

The Henry Nuttall controls also work as a computers themselves, adjusting the burner to keep temperature from the basis of volume of product in the pan. For example, with a basket full of product in the pan, the control will increase the power to ensure that temperature quickly recovers and remains. This would be vice versa when the product leaves the pans, decreasing the power to remain at the temperature set. This auto – adjusting is what saves the gas, as well as being helpful in producing a consistent product.

Mark Bennett of Bennett’s on the Waterfront in Weymouth, a very busy shop all year round, with large seasonal highs, changed to an High efficiency range ECO range from a traditional Henry Nuttall in Jan 2016. Mark commented this to FryMag…
“The recovery time is fantastic and that’s going to have a huge benefit in the summer because within half an hour of opening we have a full restaurant and a queue already forming at the takeaway. With the old range, the temperature would drop and it would be three to four minutes before it would come back up. Now it’s almost instant and you can start cooking straight away.”

How can using a Eco Frying Range save you money?

Using our patented ECO Burner Technology the Frying Range is constantly adjusting to make sure the oil temperature is constantly at the required cooking temperature whilst using the minimum amount of gas to reach the required temperatures. Using the Henry Nuttall touch screen controller you can operate each pan efficiently whilst also being very user friendly. The touch screen controller can be set up individually for all different types of Frying, including timers, slow melt and turbo functions.

What sort of savings can you expect to make using an Eco Frying Range?

Using a High efficiency Eco Frying Range has huge advantages compared with using a Traditional Frying Range. Firstly, you can expect to save a massive 1/3 on your Gas usage. The feedback from our loyal customer base speaks for its self with some reporting a massive 50% compared to their old Range.

PODGE AND TIN, a Fish and Chip restaurant in Cannock, Staffs installed a 4 Pan Eco Counter Range and had this to say….
“The range runs great, the temperature hardly drops at all and it’s efficient. In fact, in comparison to our gas bill at our other shop, which is just a takeaway, it’s about the same and yet here we have radiators and a lot of extra cooking equipment, such as grills.”

What other benefits are there of using an Eco Frying Range?

Whilst all our customers our loving the gas savings using our Eco Frying Range, they have also reported big savings from reduced oil usage. Due to the intelligent controller heating the pan more gradually the oil is being treated better, reducing carbon forming in the oil, meaning the oil lasting longer.
By also using our 3 stage Integral Oil Filtration system to filter and clean the oil daily, you should not be wasting any oil meaning massive savings for all our customers using our Frying Ranges.

Husnu Cetin from TRIDENT FISH BAR, Swindon had a 3 Pan ECO Wall Range installed in his new shop..
Being very cautious of his energy bills, Husnu takes his own gas readings every week and he’s pleased to report that Henry Nuttall’s high efficiency Eco Burner is already saving him money. “We are open from 11.30am -10pm Monday to Saturday and Sundays 4pm -10pm and my reading is only going up by 10 units per week, which is absolutely amazing,” he concludes.

For more information on the Eco Frying Range and what it can do to help your business please get in touch today!