Podge & Tin - Cannock

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A Henry Nuttall four pan high efficiency range is at the heart of what could be the first in a series of a new eateries across Staffordshire.

When brothers Jess and Raj Bhandal bought a run-down pub in the centre of Cannock, Staffordshire, they wanted to spend as much of their budget turning it into a fish and chip shop in the local area as possible. This meant sourcing equipment, furniture, décor and the branding from businesses in the vicinity.

When it came to purchasing a range, they had a similar ethos and wanted a British-built model. They finally opted for a four pan, high efficiency counter range from Henry Nuttall.

The range has been custom built for Podge & Tin and includes a chip box at either end – one to accommodate traditional chip shop style chips and the other for a skin-on variety. Three heated cabinets offer the flexibility to display hot food for the takeaway and keep plates warm for customers dining in the restaurant.

“The range has been brilliant,” comments Jess Bhandal. “It’s really modern, it has digital touchscreen controls and built-in filtration – so all the bells and whistles and it was keenly priced.

“We specified basket frying so that we could blanch our chips and finish them off later. For me, I believe this gives the best chips.

“The range runs great, the temperature hardly drops at all and it’s efficient. In fact, in comparison to our gas bill at our other shop, which is just a takeaway, it’s about the same and yet here we have radiators and a lot of extra cooking equipment, such as grills.”

“They also helped us with the extraction needed for the range as there was no clear route out. It had to go down into the cellar, across the length of it and back up and out. We decided to have it visible in the restaurant to add to the industrial feel as we also have exposed brickwork. Henry Nuttall worked with our ideas and it was a really smooth project.”