Counter Frying Ranges

The Counter Frying Range is the most popular type in the trade. It provides a serving area which can be located in the middle of the range or at the end. This frying range allows the fryer to be in the customer’s eye re-assuring them of the quality of your food. It also allows for the fryer to fry and serve alone during quieter periods whilst providing enough space for more workers during busier periods.

These features can be built into our frying ranges:

Lava Grills
Bain Maries
Work Surfaces
Grills and Griddles
Unique Filtration system
Henry Nuttall bespoke counter frying ranges are available with different numbers of pans and chip boxes. The counters are fully customised to match your shop’s decor maintaining your shop’s unique identity with options such as matching worktops, laser cut illuminated light boxes, led down lights and curved embossed panels.